Akon feat. Shaggy – Whats Love

Shaggy Video Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “Akon feat. Shaggy – Whats Love”

  1. theend98 Says:

    Those who put the thumb down are those who believed that it was to download
    😛 this song:D good song overcoat shaggy:D!!!!

  2. videohoez Says:

    One of the hottest songs in a long time.

  3. lovimi Says:

    i love dis song……xoxo

  4. krispijn91 Says:

    naisee song

  5. marcan14570 Says:


  6. klas jonas Says:

    akon best

  7. xXdarksideMonchichi Says:

    May someone send me that song pls? icq: 242-333-569

  8. v2i2k Says:

    this is HOT!!!!

  9. SuperLalomix Says:

    @kashrow shaggy and akon si k, son ch

  10. mecnun kaya Says:

    konlıve. akon ı lıke u sıng a song <3

  11. DOGG TIRA.1 Says:

    Likke itt

  12. sotter2 Says:

    fucking big song :OO i love it

  13. mecnun kaya Says:


  14. maqua ellis Says:

    …freekn meeean song

  15. Smokeyandthehoodlum Says:

    “I hate this type of songs…” well then why the fuck you here fool?

  16. 29erreape29 Says:

    crema = high quality!

  17. paul987654321 Says:

    akon an shaaagay!!!!

  18. piotre33333 Says:

    akon’s the best

  19. Naviinaaa95 Says:

    Lovee Thiis Song Nd Shaggy !! <3<3 Xx

  20. tattyteddy1234 Says:

    its a shaggy song btw so its shaggy ft. akon 🙂 love this song pmsl x

  21. Surina Bhabuta Says:

    dis song is xactualy alrite!!!!! xxx

  22. dinofint Says:

    AWSOME 5+!

  23. TheActionGuy1 Says:

    Shaggy is great. Akon is great. You suck!

  24. nathaly estay Says:

    me temaaaaaaa

  25. Edwin gerardo Says:

    up! akon and shaggy!!!!