All (x3) of the Shaggy Prank Calls – Very Funny/Hilarious

Shaggy Video clip Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “All (x3) of the Shaggy Prank Calls – Very Funny/Hilarious”

  1. Youldsy1 Says:


  2. mexican10ful Says:

    Hahaha nice work

  3. elffey Says:

    thats some shop dosent even sell hamars wat a bunch of spaners

  4. marshy203 Says:

    wow this was 2007 and it ses capital fm

  5. bethspanswick Says:

    Got this on my phone, now it’s my ringtone!!

  6. 4EvaCaitlin Says:

    My friend logged in on MSN just while the sound came up at 2:40

  7. MrPoopod Says:

    @EvEd666 LMAO!

  8. RockThatSlut Says:


  9. ushananditha Says:

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  10. charlieflint Says:

    MSN contact sign in at 2:49 ! 🙂

    Top upload, I can still laugh at these all these years on!


  11. austin09powers Says:


  12. Soulbuddies Says:

    @superaidsta the point in what

  13. superaidsta Says:

    @Soulbuddies what was the point in that

  14. mollyax9 Says:

    I want an iron.
    I want an iron.
    I want a iron for me room

  15. mollyax9 Says:

    OMGGG This guy is an actual Legend!

  16. Sholay100 Says:

    Brilliant. Lol!!!!

  17. codykinz101 Says:


  18. liamwitdre Says:

    “A pair of size 10 rupert bear pyjamas, a hover lawnmower because i broke me fathers, i want an anodin coz my head is splitting & 10 balls of wool so i can do me knitten”

    “I want an iron, I want an iron, i want an iroooon for meee rooom… too make me pants look nice”

  19. BarryMcCawkiner Says:

    4:55 – 5:17 HOLY SHIT IM CRYING


    LMAo he said he need a taxi to go on a journey lmaoooo
    and then he said “mi a need a iron, to make mi pants look nice” lolz
    and then he said he wants a deluxe toilet seat for his mother lmaooooooooo

  21. carlot1234567 Says:

    first film i acctuly loled at

  22. ChrisZeGuru Says:

    id like a jaffa cake and a pack of jammy dogers!

  23. monseurkez Says:

    I want an iron for me room, to make me pants look nice.

  24. Vodkani122 Says:

    Am tellin ya dis is Shaggy

  25. MadDogAndy1 Says:

    stockport 3 leitan oriant 0