BLAZIN’ – Alaine feat Shaggy – Good good

Shaggy Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “BLAZIN’ – Alaine feat Shaggy – Good good”

  1. Angie Alcy Says:

    How many people like this song

  2. Ronlishia Wilkinson Says:

    Love em ;)

  3. Iyanna Lucas Says:

    this people are good good

  4. Annapacha Clarke Says:

    Wow love this! Blazin choreography…awesome as ever! Gorgeous dancers!!

  5. Nathalie Ramirez Says:

    I love how you can be very sexy without being nasty in your dances, great
    job ladies.

  6. D'Angelo Eddy Dinero Says:


  7. Bea Alonso Says:


  8. eleene mallette Says:

    Yall dance are so amazing SHOUT OUT TO THE

  9. khulichanack kouzi Says:

    kaylis in action

  10. Omnia Blood Says:


  11. Bigg Bear Says:

    Sooo… killed that, loved it

  12. Symphony Young Says:

    they are so freakin talented!

  13. lilyoshi Garcia Says:

    iv never seen some thing like this make a video of you guys dancing to
    talk dirty to me

  14. khulichanack kouzi Says:

    so good songs

  15. gwadasasa Says:

    magnifikkkkkkkkkkkkkk j kiff *_*

  16. skyydence Says:

    krazy place !!!

  17. vybz974 Says:

    Les Chorés de Queensy sont meilleur a chaque fois !

  18. ChrissieLovesPrince Says:

    this is awesome love you guys

  19. Busingye Racheal Says:

    Wow… I love this girls

  20. Philithia Lucenay Says:

    vous etes toujour au top 😀

  21. TheBLACKKING25 Says:

    I’m obsessed with those twins, sexyy af!

  22. shazz4life Says:

    So good..had to share this one…

  23. debooralutz Says:

    Like .. you dance very Good! 😀

  24. Melvin Young Says:

    nice 🙂

  25. Edii L'CiouSs Says:

    Magnifique les meuuuufs !!! I like je reves de faire partis d’un groupe
    comme le votre !! Big up à vous <3