Bob Sinclar & Sahara feat. Shaggy – I Wanna

Shaggy Video Rating: 4 / 5

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29 Responses to “Bob Sinclar & Sahara feat. Shaggy – I Wanna”

  1. alexcrazy123 Says:

    me gusta es ta super cool

  2. MultiDenniBoy Says:

    hot girls ( sex ) 😀

  3. kanuj1 Says:

    3:10 mmmmmmmm…. sahara

  4. Malvinman13 Says:

    @Eris515 haha xDD nice

  5. isisblueeye Says:

    good song from left bank in kilkenny last weekend good memories ;)!!!

  6. karlito1100 Says:

    The girl who sing is bulgarian singer and her name is not Sahara,her name is Andrea!She sing a bulgarien songs,the stile pop-folk!You can find her and listen what she sing,it’s very diferent from this song!

  7. RsDungRandomShit Says:

    youtube/ultralooter for ultimate runescape ownage, pking marathon incoming

  8. princeU2 Says:

    @Eris515 seeing her boobs is not a new thing!!!!

  9. Bassla1993 Says:

    .. perfekt 😛

  10. TheDavidedmond Says:

    296 people are cock suckers and ass fuckers

  11. billydif Says:

    Sahara may touch my body..

  12. B0g0ev Says:

    @veha4life They protect their eyes from the laz000rzz?

  13. Eris515 Says:

    @Deathrollsonbones who said there is a downside or a problem.

  14. veha4life Says:

    Hate those people with sunglasses in the clubs LOL

  15. Deathrollsonbones Says:

    @Eris515 and the problem with that is?? I fail to see a downside.

  16. AndalusiaOrienta4 Says:

    without Sahara that song would be better!! .. And it’s not at that so lovely Jamaica style, so typical for Bob Sinclar..

  17. Majakomka996 Says:

    I love this song! <3

  18. brmtralala Says:

    I like her boobs!

  19. MrSebys Says:

    fortza COSTI

  20. danikashi1 Says:

    @Eris515, her nipple… the boobs you can see from the distant cuz they’r huge!

  21. Rosejans Says:

    she’s hot damn

  22. poslje11 Says:

    2:51 i would like to be her hands 😉

  23. NinGsorrow Says:


  24. vladxela Says:

    Good Work Costi !!!! With Loves from Romania

  25. MuoiuOz Says:

    holla at ur Girl!! – 21-F – ElsyLeibundgut735 – Y! msgr

  26. P Jones Says:

    Thansk for an amazing article

  27. DigiMusic Says:

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  28. Good Guy Music Blog Says:

    Ita all because of the magic

  29. Celeb Blog Says:

    One of my favourite celes ever!