Church Heathen – Shaggy

Shaggy Video Rating: 4 / five

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33 Responses to “Church Heathen – Shaggy”

  1. R0m0n3 Says:

    @originaladream Ok no problem i was just playing. I just would never go to Bishop Long’s church ever.

  2. originaladream Says:

    @R0m0n3 I apologize if I offended you.

  3. R0m0n3 Says:

    @originaladream Well why the fuck do you have to bring Bishop Long in are u a bloodklart battyman thats all ah statin? If in dat church de woman deos bruk out i in dat so stop fucking trollin my comment yuh bloodklart fassey.

  4. originaladream Says:

    @R0m0n3 ??? I’m talking about a hypocritical church. What are you talking about??? This video is about hypocrites in the church, right? And you say you wanna go to dat church, right?

  5. R0m0n3 Says:

    @originaladream wah kinda battyman thing yuh on

  6. originaladream Says:

    @R0m0n3 I’m sure Bishop Long is welcoming new members (dwl)


    It is good about forgivenesss and Church confessions are held secrett so can never be revealed. I think Shaggy is raising a point that need critical analysis more than the rap he gives. Never know where there is smoke there may be fire… Yes something really cooking. Musicians are prophetic…

  8. empressivine Says:

    dem feel seh thru dem go ah church their sins don’t need forgivin. dem really gone from bad to worse wid dem yah careless living……………….tru tru.

  9. airamas100 Says:

    i love when he say ” she all a tell me bout di one decon who a drive di big benz a weh him get money from.’

  10. brianna7011 Says:

    LMAO LOLOL i use to kill this song…LOVE IT…

  11. airamas100 Says:

    Lod God people love fi come ina church and a act like say them is so much of a christian

  12. R0m0n3 Says:

    i wah go dat church yes

  13. R0m0n3 Says:

    i wah go dat chutch yes

  14. hotxxxmama Says:

    lolol memories

  15. GothiqueBlaque Says:

    Eh Eh Wait a minute! is Sistah Paulette, Spice (at the 1:16 mark)?

  16. m4k4velii92 Says:

    who is the man at 0:46 ??

  17. babyyalicee1 Says:

    thgis happens every where yal know he is right the world is awash with church heathens,club on saturday and chuerch on sunday

  18. SuperQwanell Says:

    the priest crack me up

  19. MyTevin1 Says:

    81 church heathens

  20. lovemasters100 Says:

    speakin the truth

  21. badgyalbirdieakaray Says:

    @shonha1 lool his face wen he says it is priceless

  22. diehardfreak1 Says:

    anyone else notice the playlist labled shaggy w/ this song only has like 7 shaggys’?… and 40 songs

  23. MrBandilearo Says:

    this tune has so much truth to it,,,i use to go to church so i know

  24. shonha1 Says:

    “Den she proceed fi talk bout di man dem, who only come a service fi look church woman, and fi fool up di gal dem talk bout relegion, but mi couldn’t say nuttin caw mi know mi a one”

  25. leondrastobbs Says:

    Love this song.raeeeeeeeeeee

  26. I'm with the Band Says:

    Music rocks

  27. Gunn Music Says:

    Great stuff!

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    Bob Dylan is amazing!

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    Madonna is HOT!

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    Anyone know where I can get the latest Ashley Tisdale videos?

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    Is Lady gaga definitely a woman?

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    I wish I had the Christmas number 1

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