C’mon Scoob

Shaggy Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “C’mon Scoob”

  1. AkamyWolf Says:

    @Zzathpwnsyaface333 press ‘ see all comments’ then press crtl and f. then type on superfrostpks.

  2. mcgasm Says:

    Best part 1:16!

  3. Rikiou1 Says:

    i fucking loled so hard

  4. MrGalishMan Says:

    Oh my…fuck…

  5. mcgasm Says:

    Shaggy just played you LOL

  6. cmkelly257 Says:


  7. codytheorigingangsta Says:

    oh c”mon Scoob. hehe i know what you want. *freddy in the other room dead*
    i wonder if they ever took his dead body down?

  8. KarmyKing Says:

    Shaggy like puusy, shaggy like dawg XD

  9. 15kosher Says:

    so shaggy, where’s the mayo?

  10. MutadedMich Says:

    press 7 XD

  11. travism123456 Says:

    thumbs up so people can see superfrostpks comment

    I subscribed to this channel after watching this video, and then I watched a few of your other videos and realized they’re all about awkward gay sex and penis jokes, so I unsubbed.

  12. littlejake117 Says:

    make a vid about how much of a pussy ass nigga justin beaver is<3

  13. LostWipeoutSimpsons Says:

    Press 4 for BIG SANDWICH!
    Press 2 for BIG SANDWICH!

  14. Zoshimo Says:

    Press 2 for big sandwich

    Press 4 for dick sandwich.

  15. skitzol4dhuntersYAY Says:

    wut THE HELL?!?!?

  16. Fu3l3dF1re Says:

    @Zzathpwnsyaface333 FUCK YOU, NOW I HAVE TOO

  17. freshnshytz Says:


  18. orcarina2 Says:

    HAH right when Scooby is saying “you wanna make a big sandwich” press 2 right when he says big.

  19. Pignoah Says:

    Im gunna fuckin do it shaaaaggggyyy

  20. Teknuhlawgik Says:

    Press 2 for “dick sandwich”

  21. TheGammaRayz Says:

    Psych! Shaggy just played you

  22. itstherocky Says:

    Switch between 2 and 4 for BIG BIG SANDWICH

  23. itstherocky Says:

    Im gonna fickin do it Shaaaaaggy!

  24. SerenadHer Says:


  25. popsickel7 Says:

    What the goddamn…