Girl Dance and Shakes to Shaggy Reggae Beat – It Wasnt Me

Shaggy Video clip Ranking: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Girl Dance and Shakes to Shaggy Reggae Beat – It Wasnt Me”

  1. William De Long Says:


  2. ByShowTM Says:

    yo go boy

  3. alicemydearest Says:

    dat laugh

  4. IGS Eclipse Says:

    um so what school was this ? aha 😉

  5. FloppyHairRecords Says:

    That must have been a lovely conversation with your dad.

  6. Aled Bowen Says:

    Mute it, it worked for me.

  7. Aled Bowen Says:


  8. sian andrews Says:

    teach me your ways o.o

  9. HawtyBreh Says:

    this girl lives down the road from me.

  10. Maddie Hilton Says:

    Played this at a school dance, literally everyone was dancing like her.. -.-

  11. BAI HUI Says:

    send me her fb please

  12. Keith Holland Says:

    I don’t.

  13. Flax Temperz Says:

    You could of kept dancing..

  14. LoveCerysx Says:

    whats the page?

  15. BLooDY95CuBeZz Says:

    with that backround laugh, i find this hard to masturbate to.

  16. Declan Donkin Says:

    WOW! This actually turns me on so much, I can honestly say I’ve wanked over this and my dad actually walked in on me, Good job it was worth it:)!

  17. JUAN GARCES Says:

    i saw this two days ago

  18. AChannelYouWant Says:

    you stole this

  19. Tom Long Says:

    what is her page called

  20. ashley caroline Says:

    how old is this video kml

  21. Lucas Matthews Says:

    id say shes a quality fuck

  22. Fiona Anderson Says:

    OMG! saw this on facebook got over 3 million likes! I now subscribed to her page!

  23. ole skaret Says:

    have you facebook?

  24. DL551 Says:

    ha ha nice

  25. wazimm Says:

    That’s a good question.. I wonder the same..