hope – shaggy (Lyrics)

Shaggy Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “hope – shaggy (Lyrics)”

  1. Diana Keenan Says:

    serious tune ………………and never forget………..there is always
    hope no matter what lol xx

  2. Diana Keenan Says:

    serious !!xx

  3. 100Tatanisha Says:

    As a jamaican looking at your interpretation of some of the words, they are
    a little off, but Good video.

  4. Ursula Bornhauser Says:

    hopefull tune dat………..big up shaggy

  5. Shy LT Says:


  6. ajaiakalary Says:

    great song

  7. ProVerseIdy Says:

    This song is amazing. And who cares about slow lyrics, if you can’t
    understand the song without reading the lyrics then your not really
    listening to the song.

  8. hemant bisnath Says:

    oh yeh

  9. LarrysWife1 Says:

    That’s no problem…I just love the song…thanks for uploading it!! =)

  10. BeatzBreaker Says:

    omggg lyrics are way on a delay! x

  11. UnstoppablelKiller Says:

    can listen to this song a million times

  12. Matthew Choi Says:

    ITz all kewl that the lyrics were slow but the song is great,XD! ty for
    uploadin! much appreciation.

  13. punkchick111450 Says:

    @ajaiakalary wasnt like that when i uploaded it

  14. xshadowxberretsx Says:

    upload the lyrics in the song description and people will complain less,
    because they can read either one :]

  15. Gowry Naniyar Sangaiah Says:

    gud song…

  16. Darren Storr Says:

    Who cares about the lyrics lol, the faster ya learn it the faster ya get
    bored ^.^

  17. punkchick111450 Says:

    @friekyguy the lyrics wernt like that when i uploaded it

  18. friekyguy Says:

    @punkchick111450 oh then in that case it was a great lyrics video, i can
    never understand wat the fuck shaggy is saying

  19. Zohanforpresident Says:

    mmmmmassive satisfaction

  20. SMKears519 Says:

    @punkchick111450 S’okay, it’s not like I need them 🙂

  21. alphiliiqesh Says:

    hu needs da lyrics, it shudnt b harrd 2 learn it…..2 yrs later!!….enjoy
    da musik cheeeehooo1

  22. MrMark8343 Says:

    D E L A Y E D lyrics!!!!

  23. kaimana bel Says:

    apart from the lyrics its was still good

  24. friekyguy Says:

    your lyrics are slow

  25. punkchick111450 Says:

    @BeatzBreaker i know it wasnt like that when i uploaded it though