Like a Superstar Shaggy EURO 2008

Shaggy Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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33 Responses to “Like a Superstar Shaggy EURO 2008”

  1. aeltv1 Says:

    Euro 2012 :D!

  2. revandri Says:

    @roleplayman2 copz

  3. revandri Says:

    euoro 2008

  4. roleplayman2 Says:

    Pivko and Vodko on UEFA EURO 2012!

  5. AdrenalynXLChampion Says:

    THE Euro 7068 comming soon on the moon 🙂

  6. AdrenalynXLChampion Says:

    TRIX ist cooler XD

  7. AthenaTungsten Says:

    Lyo and Merly also deserve a song and show of their own!!!!!

  8. TheDonovan1995 Says:

    die fahren ja am anfang ziemlich weit runter ins tal, aber ich frag mich: wie kommen die wieder zurück nach oben???

  9. ArnoldEagle Says:

    Trix and Flix are better tha Messi in football , they deserve the golden ball.

  10. Boziaful Says:

    @Elyethe Trix & Flix i like a superstar

  11. Boziaful Says:

    @Elyethe Trix & Flix i like a super star

  12. CaseyJaymiegf526 Says:


  13. LokliteLoL Says:

    I hope that Shaggy is gonna make a song for EM 2012!
    Thumbs up if you agree! 😀

  14. LokliteLoL Says:

    This is one of shaggy’s best.
    Just not one of the most popular, people are wierd 😀

  15. candysnot1 Says:


  16. Elyethe Says:

    jak sie zwie ta nutka ?

  17. pumpplow2 Says:

    @maciekso2009 No jak to? Slavek i Slavko:)

  18. theSEREGA048 Says:


  19. 156132ful Says:


  20. 156132ful Says:


  21. gjilaniicity Says:


  22. maciekso2009 Says:

    no ale i tak Polska dostanie w dupe

  23. maciekso2009 Says:

    wlasnie i ciekawi mnie jakie bedą maskotki 😀 nareszcie cos w Polsce

  24. iva77141419 Says:


  25. iva77141419 Says:


  26. Britney Says:

    Love Britney!

  27. Roxx Says:

    This Roxx

  28. Gutterpups Says:

    I thought the Gutterpups did it better

  29. Popular Music Says:

    Is this pop?

  30. Music Idol Says:

    Love Music Idol

  31. House Music Says:

    Whats the best type of music?

  32. ZoserMusic Says:

    We don’t need your money money money

  33. mobile stage Says: