Long Time – Shaggy

Shaggy Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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24 Responses to “Long Time – Shaggy”

  1. shaqattakremix Says:

    best song on di riddim

  2. fedebeidoo Says:


  3. editxteam Says:

    shaggy bigg up

  4. royblasito Says:

    shaggy best dancehall

  5. feelr3al Says:

    bigg up shaggy

  6. superpanta2007 Says:

    madooo quanto spacca!!!

  7. bootytoofull Says:

    i love shaggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. MrTakersdemon Says:

    Mr Lover again!!!!

  9. mimilicious85able Says:

    bad man tune, wickiiied mo faya

  10. One2isThisOn Says:

    love off this tune and this version….. JHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE. yes shaggy

  11. licklelickle Says:

    Radio Against Babylon —>Listen to that Sound

  12. NewDuppyConqueror Says:

    Dem a go tired fe see me face, but dem cyaan get me out of da race.

  13. avie411 Says:

    he still have his magic touch after all tis time…I luv his songs

  14. KdoRdoL Says:

    check it ce’cile – nah stress
    there is the same beat but her voice and words are awesome xD peace 4 all my niggaz and btiches ! wave your motherfucker hands in the air

  15. kingosmo Says:

    this song is awesome me luv it shaggy u d best

  16. anarc0sindicalista Says:

    really great !! ohhh eh

  17. mstweety3101 Says:

    Shaggy is getting better with time!

  18. DominiqueDavidCarden Says:


  19. bebosalento14 Says:

    big chune

  20. edgardavids260 Says:

    shaggy is the beeeeeeeeeeest

  21. cologne206 Says:

    loving reggae!!! from COLOGNE

  22. dreamerchic88 Says:

    Loooove this song!!!

  23. chrisbrownsluva Says:

    Shaggy soooo sexyyy!!…gosh!!…bessss song tho!…

  24. DelH82 Says:

    Hot Song! Big Up Shaggy!