Mr Boombastic Shaggy

Shaggy Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Mr Boombastic Shaggy”

  1. click323 Says:

    51 people are faggots

  2. annakling1 Says:


  3. r3cku Says:

    like if u believe in god remember he just watched u read this

  4. 404SuperBoy Says:

    ta to by bolo

  5. MrDarcool Says:

    Jaro Slavik 😀 😀 😀

  6. TooAmazingForYou101 Says:

    This is the good ol days LOVE THIS SONG!! =)

  7. cazemirojorge Says:

    Sensacional!! Demais!!Insubistituivel!!! Realmente 10!!!!!!!

  8. mikepwns69 Says:

    @Vrikrar me two man haha

  9. jipke1100 Says:

    this song is the biggest song ever!!!!listen to this if you have blowing!!!

  10. 44lovedove Says:

    look at mr.Bean do this jam

  11. 44lovedove Says:


  12. sohoricdz Says:

    This music is so cool! 😀

  13. roger31534 Says:

    i like this video

  14. laro12xx Says:


  15. StelzigDanty Says:

    @MrCatalano14 the audio fucking quality ^^

  16. vettedude418 Says:


  17. Vrikrar Says:


  18. TechnoGearX Says:

    ‎9966699999966699999966699966669996699999996699666996699 9966999999996999999996666996699666699666996699666996699 9966699999999999999966666699996666699666996699666996699 9966666999999999999666666669966666699666996699666996699 9966666669999999966666666669966666699666996699666996699 9966666666699996666666666669966666699666996699666996666­ 9966666666669966666666666669966666699999996699999996699
    1) Highlight The Numbers
    2) Press Ctrl and f
    3) Press 99 and see what happens

  19. MrCatalano14 Says:

    @StelzigDanty What the fuck difference does it make

  20. Dragonfirestorm95 Says:

    My cousin is dancing like Mr. Bean while we’re playing this.. LOL

  21. nicolecvetchannel Says:

    This song is still so dope.

  22. StelzigDanty Says:

    WHY is every mr. boombastic vid in 240p?!

  23. gymnast1133 Says:

    this song makes me happy!!! and so do cheese squares!!!

  24. gymnast1133 Says:

    this song makes me happy!!!…. and so do cheese cubes!!!

  25. higradeherbalist Says:

    fuk u youtube asdverts no1 likes u