SAHARA feat. SHAGGY – Champagne

Shaggy Video Rating: 4 / five

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32 Responses to “SAHARA feat. SHAGGY – Champagne”

  1. Cucurigu25 Says:

    2:12 nipple out 😀

  2. hwuise Says:

    on her verse i dont know what she says but by god its the best verse in the song

  3. AustroSlav Says:


  4. montalti93 Says:

    How to waste a good champagne with a beautiful girl!

  5. erdkundefg150 Says:

    she cant sing lol but tune

  6. anamariabaltac Says:

    -Lyrics in the 70′-:Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face, stars fill my dreams

    I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been

    To sit with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen

    They talk of days for which they sit and wait, all will be revealed

    -Lyrics now-:Everybody loves Champagne Everybody loves Champagne

  7. Dainni Says:

    i wanna lick your champagne? wtf?

  8. 4ever8C Says:


  9. MultiBroken123 Says:

    I think this song sucks .. its meanless..

  10. LeGrosWinnie Says:

    @vegu94 “artificial” blonds you meant.

  11. TheUchihalover Says:


    Cine-i* Roman si e mandru de Costi , Thumbs* Up!

  12. sweetkiiiss Says:

    @SzandyHUN she’s dressing just like every bulgarian girl, tipical bulgarian style.. not trying to be like Paris or Fergie.. 🙂

  13. vegu94 Says:

    126 people don`t like blonds:)

  14. kupakrudi Says:

    basznám a csajt:)

  15. lwontWorryMyLifeAway Says:

    sahara doesnt sing for shit until 2:00

  16. dJgRuMo Says:


  17. SzandyHUN Says:

    @sasaranvlad yes, maybe. idk :S but… your statement is true for all singers, though. Okay. You’re right. xx 🙂

  18. AndezProductionsTV Says:

    Champagne is the most shitty drink ever :p

  19. amirbazdar5 Says:

    sexy ladies from bulgarian <3

  20. manuelitodj891 Says:

    come si chiama la canzone che fa da musica???

  21. giulietta47 Says:

    quindi poco photoshop!

  22. bogdakiss11 Says:

    cool melodie

  23. TheXstefyx Says:

    e interesanta

  24. daniWarrioRDO Says:

    @Fut1ka idióta :D:D

  25. TheCojo29 Says:

    mama ce bine ca sa lasat costi de manele

  26. Brad Pitt Says:

    Brad Pitt is awesome

  27. ME Comedy Club Says:

    This is funny

  28. Miley Cyrus Fan Says:

    Lols 🙂

  29. Majestic Concerts Says:

    Well done for getting this far – thanks 🙂

  30. Blues Music Fan Says:

    The Jazz version is better. Just sayin..! 🙂

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    Read my Music blog 🙂

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