Save A Life – Shaggy & Friends

Shaggy Video clip Rating: four / 5

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32 Responses to “Save A Life – Shaggy & Friends”

  1. MrSealeb Says:

    You can hear that everybody tries really hard ofc they are all talented musicians but when it comes to sean paul you can hear that he is so much better then all of the others singers,

  2. 0803nsd Says:

    Great song great video.. really touching.. God Bless u all the singers..

  3. gullyside786 Says:

    lmfaoo typical elephant man cant sit still. the king of being phsycal

  4. MrDbabi Says:

    iii sooo love the cause…big up 2 Jay Will…Blessings for eva!!!!

  5. MrDbabi Says:

    i sooo love the cause….the video was guuuuddd also…big up to Jay Will

  6. DeeJLeo1 Says:

    great song great video touches me every time i listen to it

  7. DeeJLeo1 Says:

    great song great video touches me every time

  8. Jkhordynee Says:

    how can u dislkie this? wat cud be wrong wid d content..!..those eleven persons obviously did..sad..!

  9. bushhead666 Says:

    this is what jamacian music should be like

  10. ILoveSPeezy Says:

    11 People No Heart 🙁
    Beautiful Song :*)
    I Love It!

  11. edi40loko Says:

    Realista muyito bom!!

  12. 4evareggaeman Says:

    11 people got No Heart

  13. DJJANDISS Says:

    i love this

  14. delvaralph Says:

    j’ame trop cette chasons!

  15. dominique3110 Says:

    i love that moment “love is what we need”

  16. Mecca4BA Says:

    2009?!?!?!?!?!? And I’m hearing this song only NoW?!?!?!?!? What is going ON with all of the black radio stations in this country? Not even WBLS rocked this.

  17. hotxxxmama Says:

    i can’t believe 11 people doesn’t like this song . yur see now if it was aya need help now ah this same song will let people have a good heart to help aya

  18. cman52894 Says:

    11 people won’t make a stand

  19. jaywillfilms Says:

    Thank You and continue supporting

  20. utak43 Says:

    Gr8 song.

  21. Paulschuurman1 Says:


  22. sashawowz Says:

    Love it

  23. jamaicangirl2100 Says:

    Mi Love You Shaggy…You are the Best.

  24. jamaicangirl2100 Says:

    I am very proud to be Jamaican…We are full of Talent..We got style..We are good at everything we do…We are the best…Thank God for Blessing us with Talents.

  25. CimbomKeita Says:

    sean pauls part is the best !!

  26. Spears Says:

    Britney is HOT!

  27. Roxx Says:

    Roxx Records are all about the magic

  28. Gutter Pups Says:


  29. Popular Music Says:

    Is this pop?

  30. Music Idol Says:

    Love Music Idol

  31. House Says:

    Isn’t it time you got on board with some house music?

  32. Zoser Music Says:

    Its all about the money money money