Shaggy all set to spread his reggae music magic

The reggae is all around in Bogota now and its fury will be felt in the Colombian capital on 20th September. ‘Sexy Lady’, ‘Angel’, ‘It was not me’ and ‘Boombastic’ are some of the greatest hits by rapper Shaggy, who is now all set to present an event without precedent in Theatre Royal Center.

This rapper from Jamaica comes again with reggae rhythms that have conquered people across the world. For several years, he has topped the charts of world music. More than to its successes, The Jamaican artist will now perform tracks from his new album named ‘Out of many, One Music’.

His climb to the chair of reggae music started at the age of 18 when he went to the United Stated with his family and looking forward to make his dream come true. His dream was nothing but singing. Because of their their economic condition, he had to enlist in the United States Navy. He even went to Gulf War in the 90s and after that he went to the show.

The launch came in the year 1993 with his very 1st album named ‘Pure Pleasure’ that had the track ‘Oh Carolina’ one of the top tracks in United Kingdom pop history.


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