shaggy-angel. song in caraoke with lyric

Shaggy Online video Rating: 4 / 5

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9 Responses to “shaggy-angel. song in caraoke with lyric”

  1. Vijaen Mr. Says:

    yea me too

  2. ShawnSanchez93 Says:

    This song brings back memories

  3. sebachos hurtado Says:

    The best album of Shaggy

  4. imeldabeto5410 Says:

    I loved it!!!!!:)

  5. WirSindOnline Says:

    Here, they tell us that we are queens. Now, listen to Nicki Minaj or Wiz
    Khalifa or something

  6. vegetassaiyanqueen25 Says:

    Oh my god flash back i member this song from wen i was little a tear just
    came to my eye 🙂

  7. GreenDAY31998 Says:

    I heard this song once years ago and fell in love with!!! And I haven’t
    heard it since them and finally found it

  8. charyyboo Says:

    i loved this song wen i was a little girl. and know its one of my fav 🙂 3

  9. Austin Henderson Says:

    love it