Shaggy – Angel

Shaggy Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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34 Responses to “Shaggy – Angel”

  1. tiffydancerforever20 Says:

    I love this song! Always have, always will! I used to mumble certain parts i couldn’t understand, but now i know like every word. <3 (:

  2. kittykatkate217 Says:

    my cuzin used to sing this to me and he still does 🙂

  3. serenap05 Says:

    @KoriAlex YES. Thank you. I was gonna say that. xD

  4. funkysheep571 Says:

    my daddy use 2 sing me this

  5. ThEmAmAsPrOdUcTiOnS Says:

    thumbs up if your listening to this in 2011:)

  6. MatheusCatzudo Says:


  7. thegreatB05 Says:

    @Jlee276 i think the only reason this song is what it is is because of “chavs” you over the sea dick sucking pussy bread faggot suckin americas dick jockin everything we do canadian incest red headed ginger ass bitch made STD trade’n whore pussy lickin tool ass fruit cup lmao real life though ez haha

  8. akafriendsforeva Says:

    Life is all one big party while your still young but who’s gonna have your back when it’s all done?

  9. KoriAlex Says:

    Does anybody else hear the bass line from Steve Miller Band’s The Joker?

  10. dancergirl2497 Says:

    my brother used to sing this song to me all the time!!! ill never forget that(:

  11. vanessa17737 Says:

    <3 S.V.S <3

  12. Sigleypup14 Says:

    cool font tool

  13. UgPspoetniek Says:

    Niana Your my darling angel i wouldn’t trade you for anything in this whole world my love for you isn’t good enough even though i hope you accept it

  14. MsMandytv Says:

    awww i miss the old days….. 🙂

  15. 1995nsk Says:

    @WhitneyAlicia16 yeaa the commercial wit hthe people in the car !? 😀

  16. 523TRITO Says:

    @4598232 if a guy cheats on you once he’ll do it again, ive seen my frends cheat on girls and they break their hearts and they repeat it with other girls. dont get yourself broken by a douche that cheats, get someone twice better and make a big deal of it. 🙂

  17. Qahoa Says:

    they sample steve miller song, its called “joker”

  18. spaztikbabe Says:

    Memorise <3

  19. overclockingespa Says:

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  20. MrLolilol7 Says:


  21. 4598232 Says:

    *starts crying* my bf dedicated this song to me and now he he he cheated on me and i miss him but if we get together again he might cheat on me again .. 🙁

  22. ndaguanno Says:

    Been years since I’ve heard this, ended up hearing it on the radio a few weeks ago, and finally looked it up.

  23. yankees2249 Says:


  24. Raquell4040 Says:

    komo c llama la persona ke canta la version original…?

  25. WhitneyAlicia16 Says:

    Haven’t heard this in HELLA long. I heard it on a commercial so I decided to look it up. aww, I frikin love it!

  26. Pitt Says:

    When is this coming out?

  27. ME Comedy Club Says:

    Thanks for this

  28. Hannah Montana Says:

    Miley Cryus is H.O.T

  29. Plan B Says:

    Plan B are immense

  30. Top 10 Concerts Says:

    I think I saw them live a few years ago in a tiny crammed bar, with about 10 fans lol

  31. Blues Music Says:

    If only I could play as well as these guys!

  32. Tangent Music Blog Says:

    Nobody does it better… Makes me feel sad for the rest..

  33. Fellfoot Festival Says:

    We need more people for the Fell Foot Music Festival! 🙂

  34. dancefloor hire Says:

    Wanna see my moves?