Shaggy – Bonafide Girl

Shaggy Video Rating: four / five

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29 Responses to “Shaggy – Bonafide Girl”

  1. SuperCulverhouse Says:

    if you are a true reggae fan you will know what shaggy says

  2. GanjaMunchman Says:

    i dont even know what shaggy is singing :p

    its awsome!

  3. khanitime Says:

    najszybszy fajek;-)

  4. LilyPrincess96 Says:

    Ol’ time ting!

  5. samchristofides Says:

    207 people didnt get bonfied

  6. NarutoKyuubi144 Says:

    Sounds almost like Reggae ; )

  7. len1045678 Says:

    i miss this fucking song so bad!!! that i even forget this song… the girl @ the beginning of the video is HOT, i feel like i see her already
    and the girl @ 0:56

  8. ReyadhMusic Says:

    @usfliggasbecrazy That’s why you Google the lyrics.

  9. 101sweeta Says:

    luv luv luv shaggy

  10. ADancingTramp Says:

    thumbs up if you think the pea head can sing 😀

  11. slicksta Says:

    whats this riddim called??

  12. ofir74bonen Says:

    the girl with da tiger-shirt is soooooo hot!

  13. Kristalka99 Says:

    YeAh ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  14. SpArTaNz57 Says:

    Try finding a shaggy song with lyrics for his part. . .

  15. PKaddicted Says:

    @AllThingsBeauty100 You won´t love them anymore afte theii daggering ur ass up!! Or do you like thii filthy looovee?? 😛 Joking babe, OneLove and jamaican people are the best to hang out with and share your ganja with mi matttiii!! Peace.

  16. niraad11 Says:

    bess song!

  17. 1luvheronly Says:

    i swear i could get my girl to finally learn how to dance up speed instead of slow to this song

  18. Brokenheartblack Says:

    i luv shaggy but his new song Fried Up sucks

  19. mirachoche Says:

    wooowww I LOVE SHAGGY

  20. RobintJ Says:

    @usfliggasbecrazy i bet it don’t 😉

  21. FERNANDO23692 Says:

    i would of slept with mostly all of the girls in this video!!!! =)

  22. 5tarakita Says:

    mint tunee likee thhiiisss

  23. 5tarakita Says:

    mint tunee

  24. katiarina23 Says:

    mi piace mi piace mi piaceeeeee!!! 😀

  25. CrystalMurphyMusic Says:

    Hey, check out my cover of Action by Terror Fabulous! (Nadine Sutherland). Its one of the best reggae songs. If you find any great reggae songs on karaoke/instrumental, please let me know so I can sing it. Thanks! 🙂

  26. P Jones Says:

    Isn’t that funny… not

  27. DigiMusic Says:

    Digital music is where its at

  28. Good Guy Musica Says:

    Music is my life

  29. Celeb Blog Says:

    Is this what its come to?