Shaggy completes his Art of Living course

Shaggy, the international reggae singer, appears to be bringing up his spiritual side. According to reports, the Jamaican artist has finished the course of art of living at foundation’s ashram based in North Carolina.

The newest update of the Facebook page of the spiritual guru’s Art of Living page said, “Shaggy completed the Art of Living course with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at North Carolina Ashram.” One his Twitter followers reportedly tweeted that Shaggy met Sri Sri Ravi Shankar after finishing the Art of Living course.

Shaggy, whose real name is Orville Richard Burrell, is best known for his single ‘Boombastic’ (1995) and the popular 2000 number ‘It wasn’t me.’ He is known for his baritone-range singing voice and his signature slurred rapping. Shaggy was born in Kingston in Jamaica. He and his family moved to Brooklyn when he was 18.

In 1993, he appeared in The Unreleased Project, a hip hop album by Kenny Dope. During that time, he worked with producers like Robert Livingston, Lloyd ‘Spiderman’ Campbell, Sting International and Don One. Earlier this year, Shaggy and Tamer Hosny, the Egyptian star, recorded a track called ‘Smile’ that released earlier this year.


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