Shaggy – Dame

Shaggy Movie Ranking: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Shaggy – Dame”

  1. mymirojas2013 Says:


  2. leejoyrosario95 Says:

    dame dame dame dame dame dame dame dame dame dame dame dame

  3. Glenndutchdude Says:

    I listent to the real song but with shaggy its better.

  4. Özhan Seyhan Says:

    %1 music
    %99 porn

  5. Jakub Chyla Says:

    51 hejterow nie zna żadnych Polek 😛

  6. SIR Mina Says:

    as usual 70% porn 30% music

  7. ANDREW JAY Says:

    why do u normally put it there ear ? lol xD

  8. FO stata Says:

    2:56 my reaction to this video

  9. Andrew2k91 Says:

    Awesome Song, Awesome Vid ♥ Shaggy!

  10. Ignacio V Says:

    0:51 hef hefner`s brother

  11. aldin180992 Says:

    I wonna put my penis inside thoose girls wauuuw 🙂

  12. videogamesolo Says:

    I need to go to that dude party

  13. Killerkiss426 Says:

    Ich wäre gern mit beim vidio und mit “feiern” 😉

  14. freedom50892 Says:

    Play&Win- Ya bb 9version club) same video!!!

  15. Faiis038 Says:

    Homo michael

  16. cata cr Says:

    e kat de pula… esti prost? ce striga shaggy la inceput Celia sau Kat de Luna?

  17. lazarovic91 Says:

    90 % porn  // 10% music 😀

  18. padd60 Says:

    Nice girls …

  19. Sebastian George Says:

    where is the video from ?can someone tell me pls ?

  20. TwexitOG Says:

    Dame dame dame, dame dame dameeee

  21. somthingwentwrong Says:

    What was the location of that party?

  22. Emilia Lamatina Says:

    i love this song so much ♥

  23. cata cr Says:

    no dude she isn´t

  24. Matej Kropec Says:

    00:16 isn’t that sangria ? 😀

  25. Darion Bisnath Says:

    is that miley cyrus..2:47???