Shaggy feat Gary Nesta Pine – Fly High

Shaggy Video clip Rating: four / 5

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33 Responses to “Shaggy feat Gary Nesta Pine – Fly High”

  1. agentjwill Says:

    ı think underrated , normally should be over 50.000.000 views ..

  2. HUNMolni Says:

    I love this song. Summer song 😀

  3. ww2aleed Says:

    dirty quality 🙁


    Thumb up if you heard this first time in a commercial for Kinder Maxi King 😀

  5. veron3 Says:

    good sound shaggy!

  6. chablemon Says:

    do all this people work? instead of been in da caribe? having fun all da time?? somehow i feel like they all been lying to me all this years!

  7. DamianKX8R Says:

    I wanna fly, fly high …

    … because I got high, because I got high, because I got high …

  8. alexutzakissme Says:

    a little mistake : 92 people :))

  9. jamaicangirl2100 Says:

    I LOVE You SHAGGY..I wish You were my MAN.

  10. thibithibithibi Says:

    How can people dislike this song?
    I found it out today on youtube, and I’ve already played it 50 times or something!
    I love this song!

  11. roxorwen Says:

    nice song !!!!!!!! d(*-*)b

  12. iojan100 Says:

    (Y) good

  13. qnq15 Says:

    i rather want that honda 1000rr fireblade, than one of this girls(don’t get me wrong .. I just already have a beautiful wife) ;P

  14. noobtuber5843 Says:

    shaggy rules,and thumbs up if you don’get those people who try to get thumbs up with comment like:91 people can’t fly,
    and thumbs up if you still listen to this and its 2011
    and shit like that XCCCCC

  15. elattarinisback Says:


  16. adamow143 Says:


  17. neji9916 Says:

    Nice song……Shaggy’s back in action nd also with some awesome chicks…….:P

  18. NajemnicyStudio Says:

    90 people can’t fly 😀 😀

  19. MAXIMILIANO1995XXX Says:

    yesssss coolm/m/m/

  20. gurgir Says:

    @135792468101214 lmfao

  21. yakuza547 Says:

    I wanna fly, fly high ! With u bbe !!! <3333333

  22. IRemaxI Says:

    F#ck this song is to addicted ….
    To perfect have listened it today about 30-50 times xDwhy it’s never on tv>?

  23. Wojciex152 Says:

    @ivhano100 only 68 people? LOL. I guess no one knows how to fly: D

  24. NoHayOtroNombreOsi Says:

    recomiendenme more songs

  25. aimeam Says:

    pure summer anthem…chuune!

  26. I'm with the Band Says:

    Music rocks

  27. Andy Gunn Says:

    Love andy Gunn – great to see it!

  28. Bob Dylan Says:

    Bob Dylan is amazing!

  29. Madonna Fan Says:

    Wish Madonna was MY mum! 🙂

  30. Ashley Tisdale Says:

    Ashley Tisdale makes High School Musical bearable!

  31. Lady Gaga Says:

    Is Lady gaga definitely a woman?

  32. Numbe 1 music Says:

    I wish I had the Christmas number 1

  33. My Kingdom of Music Says:

    Brilliant music only