Shaggy feat. Marsha – “Piece Of My Heart”

Shaggy Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Shaggy feat. Marsha – “Piece Of My Heart””

  1. Michael Bullut Says:

    Talk ’bout childhood memories! :-D

  2. christynino Says:

    love this song

  3. Rina Aries Kopu Says:

    Thank you Honey for this song, I love it DJ Miers

  4. Rina Aries Kopu Says:

    Thank you to my darling, Damien Miers, I love this love baby 🙂 🙂 :)

  5. Godfrey Isolio Says:

    This is one of the first songs that made bow to Mr. Lover Lover….Great

  6. elly Derrick Says:

    cant compare this song to anything from shaggy

  7. pignoloHC Says:

    ke cazzo vuol dire?? non è ke se fai una cover vuoi raggiungere la fama di
    ki l’ha fatta….per me non è male sta canzone,in italia si sente di molto

  8. jozilife Says:

    true that brotha true that @serugo1

  9. Mexand Idiba Says:

    @serugo1 You’re right

  10. elenachristian Says:


  11. Hrvoje1313 Says:

    @serugo1 true dat

  12. rockmyboat676 Says:

    what name of this album?

  13. sapphiremystique Says:

    Erma Franklin and not Janis Joplin originally sang this song. Video was

  14. Hrvoje1313 Says:

    Yea, I wonder what is her name?!

  15. zapazubpod Says:

    OK, but wtf Shaggy is doin’ here???

  16. denetta tegerdine Says:

    this song reminds me of when i was in primary school im now 26 i love this
    song x

  17. dyasspo1 Says:

    J’aime cette music…..LOVE….le vrai

  18. strugglingman1 Says:

    Taking me back now..whoo back in 1998 man!! Love it!

  19. tronicandre14 Says:

    Esta cancion es de Jonis Joplin me gusta la del Shaggy y la de ella. es un
    buen tema, lindo! xd

  20. Maike GUEVERA Says:

    Absolutely !!!

  21. makeupfanatic1989 Says:

    i love this song so much

  22. Nane Turia Says:

    most definately!! bring for real!!

  23. USEPartyPeople Says:

    @serugo1 Gues now us 90’2 generation knows how the 70’s generation music
    lovers felt

  24. elly Derrick Says:

    cant compare this song to anything from shaggy

  25. martinsahb Says:

    Please I want to try to buy songs by Marsha (Who)? I don’t give a stuff
    about Miss Jamaica the wannabe politician. Who is the female SINGER and has
    she released any music?