Shaggy Feat Mavado – Girls Dem Love We [OFFICIAL VIDEO HD] – APRIL 2011

Shaggy Video Ranking: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Shaggy Feat Mavado – Girls Dem Love We [OFFICIAL VIDEO HD] – APRIL 2011”

  1. killkingroy2 Says:

    wtf what a stupid song xs

  2. 1234567coolkid Says:

    @Taawana kartel best mavado everytime

  3. nitram7555 Says:

    yow tha rhythm ya bad

  4. 1234567coolkid Says:

    at 0:12 bounty killer say bullet 🙂

  5. xXBloodzNCripzXx Says:

    cant understand it but i like it

  6. KkashUnltdTV Says:

    gully god:D siiiiick ….bat free world boss

  7. TappStar12 Says:


  8. venessa32 Says:

    I’m glad that Movado is making positive music these day. that’s why he is so big in north America and Europe. and been collaborate with a lot of good singers like Neyo. While kartel is making stupid violent music.

  9. lozzymagoo Says:

    mr luva luva!

  10. dontaveaclue Says:

    songs on repeat..

  11. dontaveaclue Says:

    what riddim???

  12. dontaveaclue Says:

    @ModzOfDutyXbox no.

  13. GMSBeast Says:


  14. Morphspeed Says:


  15. ModzOfDutyXbox Says:

    (double press for pause) 🙂
    Thumbs up if thats help U
    And for the wolrd did know…

  16. ModzOfDutyXbox Says:

    nicki minaj??? 3:00

  17. depato1 Says:

    gud stuff man

  18. mrsdotkid1 Says:


  19. manaseh Says:

    Mavado is a good yut,him been tru a lot.Mi glad dat him now serious juss fi mek money an nuh foolishness.See deh Kartel how him endup?.Shaggy did want fi help Ninjaman but Ninjaman kinda idiot(excuse mi language,but a true dat). Mavado av talent him now deh wid Dj Khaled a mekk money.Bless up. Mi neva like Khaled vibez but mi no waan see gheto yut go down.

  20. guyanaboi911 Says:

    shaggy makin his way back to the top

  21. BalldinhoVanessa Says:

    Mavado too MUCH on Di Hook … DEADLY! Bigggggg UP!!!

  22. AdrenalineSoundz Says:

    gully god shot the gyal them love we 4real this is a hit

  23. stunna654 Says:

    all guyanese luv this tune!

  24. bvajnt Says:

    wtf is dat chipmunk asshole doin in dis vid…bloody hell he’s the UK justin bieber..,

  25. pzalsd Says:

    me too I’m not a big fan of Mavado but this is sick !!! awesome song! Shaggy sounds mad mad!!