Shaggy feat Ninja Man – Church Heathen The Pastor (Dirty) (Extended)

Shaggy Online video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Shaggy feat Ninja Man – Church Heathen The Pastor (Dirty) (Extended)”

  1. Bajanfan02 Says:

    This beat is killa. Yes, I miss the real dancehall with the real
    DJs: Super Cat, Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton, Mad Cobra, Elephant Man, Patra,
    Lady Saw, Shaggy and Beenie Man, Sean Paul, and Baby Cham. There are
    others, but these are just a few. Dancehall, Soca, and R&B are terrible
    today! Autotune is part of the problem with the singing, but the real
    issue is that nobody is writing lyrics today, or at least real writers
    aren’t being signed or promoted.

  2. Dinkleberg33 Says:

    This is identical to the original, except for the beginning

  3. Babylon Bwoy Says:

    I miss this type of dancehall before autotune and major lazer type of shit
    fucked up this music, the last one that major companies leaves alone..

  4. Charmaine McLeggan Says:

    Shaggy feat Ninja Man – Church Heathen The Pastor…:

  5. Jamaicangirl21000 Says:

    Bap Bap best dancehall video

  6. 将行宮野 Says:

    Shaggy feat Ninja Man – Church Heathen The Pastor (Dirty) (Extended):

  7. Charmaine McLeggan Says:

    Love it

  8. Felix Olunga Says:

    shared via Google+

  9. ModzVonXyborg Says:


  10. Emeka abuba Says:

    Shaggy of the hook with ur voice….# turnup

  11. ruffdraft Says:

    Still luv this tune

  12. Amanda Ricketts Says:

    lol i remember things song…speaks the truth tho

  13. jazzybash1 Says:

    So basically he snitches on everyone 

  14. fernando Jesus Says:


  15. emmanuel detsi Says:
  16. Kennedy Chuma Says:

    5 people don’t know good music

  17. larry alexander Says:


  18. Felix Olunga Says:
  19. Royal Luv Says:

    me call it da congregietion gossip

  21. Eddie Cook Says:

    This i9s another favorite video. I grew up listening to the both of them.

  22. suga d williams Says:
  23. In D V-Dual E T Says:


  24. Rolando Tzum Says:
  25. Rodney Best Says:

    i first heard this song in new jersey 2007 i love it instantly