Shaggy Feat. Ravon – In The Summer Time

Shaggy Video Rating: 4 / five

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33 Responses to “Shaggy Feat. Ravon – In The Summer Time”

  1. TheSwimracer Says:

    hey thats freaking cool these ganstas took mungo jerrys fucking song, they have no idea who he even is

  2. markomartinn Says:

    Gracias A Todos por sus Comentarios!!!

  3. InfernoRed08 Says:

    Original is way better!

  4. glazord222 Says:

    21 people are from Antarctica 🙂
    Thumbs up!

  5. 0822Reyes Says:

    Very nice!

  6. lolaflydog Says:

    love this version! And I remember when the original came out!! Both are good for different reasons

  7. Dohkitooooo Says:

    Yeap the original is much better

  8. niensx Says:

    LOL xD
    the original is better

  9. TheCosmix11 Says:

    I think ravon is secretly gay.

  10. HiMinds Says:

    kind of a weird version of this song

  11. SuperMrReplay Says:

    this song makes me dance and feel love for everything is rounding me!

  12. benmben1 Says:

    @iGypsyy lol i wanna move somewhere hot, england is cold as shit an the only bit of solace i can get is some grime and dubstep, but there not fun music. i think the Caribbean is for me

  13. iGypsyy Says:

    this looks so much better then anything thats going on in the usa. all they care about here is money.. money.. cars.. money.. and stuck up people looking for money. man, i cant wait to get outta here. gonna live my life and actually have some genuine fun for once. ahhhhh.. cant wait.. 🙂

  14. IncredibleNode Says:

    Getting paid and laid thats all this guys doin who wants to be som gangsta u get more babes and ther loyal man

  15. chessmanstudio Says:

    CHECK OUT!!!!!

    New Reggae/Dancehall Song

    ‘Its Summer Time’ By 4ox Banton.


  16. kanyis19 Says:

    Fuck guys, I need to step up my game. I’ve been to lazy and more focused on other thing. But this summertime is gonna be the best. Who wants to meet at the beach and blaze it up!??

  17. andreahatecats Says:

    oh 1992….i remember you so well.. sitting infront of the tv watching pop-up video’s was considered a productive day…

  18. drac116 Says:

    The original is a little bit more energetic.
    This one is more laid back and easygoing.

    Both are great for kicking back with a beer and your girl.

    Rock the summer bro’s.

  19. anddra59 Says:

    COOOOL !!!!

  20. anddra59 Says:

    COOOOL !!!!

  21. PhoenixBird1983 Says:

    I like any version of the song, shut the fuck up and go to the beach and meet beautiful ladies, instead of posting hate comments

  22. njarnjas Says:

    I don’t like RAPmusic too much,but I could listen Shaggy whole day long!Respect!

  23. HooliganLeppi Says:

    only fools and horses 🙂

  24. Jedaiah5 Says:

    i was prefer this version!!! the other one is nice but this says, summer fun, partying, drinks and nice music.

  25. luvinwafflez Says:

    clearly black people wanted to enjoy the summertime, but not admit they like white people’s music

  26. It's Ok I'm with the band Says:

    I am the queen of music bands.

  27. A Gunn Music Says:

    Andy Gunn rocks!

  28. Bob Dylan Says:

    I love Bob Dylan

  29. Madonna Says:

    Shame Madonna split from Guy Ritchie

  30. Tisdale Says:

    Anyone know where I can get the latest Ashley Tisdale videos?

  31. Gaga Fansite Says:

    I am in love with Lady gaga

  32. No1 Music Says:

    How many number 1s have there been?

  33. My Kindom Music Says:

    Brilliant music only