Shaggy feat Ricardo Ducent It Wasn’t Me with Lyrics (On Screen And In Description)

Shaggy Movie Rating: four / five

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24 Responses to “Shaggy feat Ricardo Ducent It Wasn’t Me with Lyrics (On Screen And In Description)”

  1. MusicLovingSoul101 Says:

    Wow, when I heard this years ago on the radio, I never knew what they were actually singing…lol, but I still like the song…XD

  2. HotDiva1999 Says:

    love this song. i know it’s old but i still love it <3

  3. optoma2012 Says:

    what transition do u use

  4. superxkidd2 Says:

    Make it available for moblie

  5. Izzy420n Says:

    Amen hahah

  6. apple pie Says:

    oohhh thanks for making this i really love you

  7. THEBOYS3rocks Says:

    i dont care what u guys say its a good song

  8. kills1000444 Says:

    Who else remembers rockin out to this on casset tapes or cd players? lol

  9. Hannah Barnes Says:

    lol i used to love this song, but now i know what it means. Lol but it has a good beat 😛

  10. smiles0625 Says:

    2011 this song is still great (:

  11. DeepSetEyesDance Says:


  12. 786goldstar Says:

    sik song

  13. 17PinkHearts Says:

    i rember listenting to this when i was 4 now im 13 im into brokencyde but i love music any kind

  14. BTRmirandalover24 Says:

    Sawyer Hartman sent me here. 🙂

  15. peachypreacher Says:

    His voice is so sooooft, I want it as my pillow.

  16. annonymouse1000 Says:

    im still listening to this && ehts 2011

  17. brittneyhale16 Says:

    1 person is pretty stupid :)

  18. nekovampirechick189 Says:

    why were most 90’s songs about cheating? I just realise this when I was listening to this song and Follow me by Uncle Cracker

  19. KatideChaos Says:

    I miss this from the Hollister playlist…

  20. shawn shiva neva Says:

    same old song and i still love it

  21. shawn shiva neva Says:

    i love this song

  22. PointlessTalks Says:

    I loved this song when i was four. I SANG this sone when i was four. Ten years later, the song memorized, and i now realize why my mind is so messed up 😛

  23. tajpalace408 Says:

    im here cuz of nigahiga

  24. ariprinz Says:

    i listened to this when i was younger and i didnt know what it was about! rofl