Shaggy featuring Mavado – Girlz Dem Luv We (Official Video) Girls Dem Love We

Shaggy Online video Ranking: four / 5

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21 Responses to “Shaggy featuring Mavado – Girlz Dem Luv We (Official Video) Girls Dem Love We”

  1. sahildaud Says:

    shaggy badman combine that with mavado its badass

  2. Ashlee Lane Says:

    i love shaggy’s voice 🙂

  3. malick585 Says:

    It misse your virtual face arround the wall

  4. Fleshbustr Says:

    Bullet Bullet Bullet!!

  5. rajeshdhanda55 Says:

    This is one good tuneeeeeee

  6. 1989nune Says:

    Maddddddd tune!!

  7. bigdon69able Says:

    3:24 omggggggggggg sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy ilhhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. jamaicangirl2100 Says:

    I just love Shaggy voice…..His voice is the sexiest.

  9. jamaicangirl2100 Says:

    SHAGGY is pure hotness. Every song he put out is blazin fireee!!!!

  10. CMAGTV Says:

    Slick ‘n’ sexy video, nothing but the best from Shaggy with this tune!

  11. Armand Christel Nenet Says:

    yes shaggy tes mortel mon frere se son la tueeee

  12. MyDickiebird Says:

    can’t get enough of this tune…..{Shaggy for life}

  13. MrAkronmuzik Says:

    girl in glasses (Y) !!! gud jobb

  14. jamaicanboyone Says:

    17 gays

  15. Geovanna Janelle G. Dominguez Says:

    gully side boooooo!

  16. EPMWND Says:

    hahahahahaha….best comment!!!!! XD XD

  17. 1x12x23x3 Says:

    are u the spelling police – cunt

  18. Sarah Buchanan Says:

    did you try to spell prostitute

  19. likman666 Says:

    lets see you get as many girls…… iam sure u cant…

  20. likman666 Says:


  21. bambataa4ever Says:

    Mad thing man , much respect to d Gully God , since Mavado makin fame all around d world and makin lots of cash money , Mr Palmer aka Vbyz Kartel can jerk his cocky in d jail hahah … Datsn d different between d 2 yu hear !!!???