Shaggy – Hey Sexy Lady ft. Brian & Tony Gold

Shaggy Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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34 Responses to “Shaggy – Hey Sexy Lady ft. Brian & Tony Gold”

  1. BlackwingDrake Says:

    @Vi3tKid420 1. Ads keep Youtube free. Do you want to pay for Youtube?
    2. Vevo puts out music videos with the highest quality possible, AND take care of the copyright problems.
    3. Again, ads keep Youtube free. If you don’t want ads, there’s a option in the Youtube settings to turn them off.
    4. It always WAS.
    5. It’s still YOUtube.
    Stop complaining and bitching.

  2. 0a1ax Says:

    lol guys…..are u real idiots u wont recognize a real women……..that mean’s u all Gay lol…..WTH is a guy who sayd where is the sexy ladies?? lol nvm Shaggy u rock man ^^


    and your Skills in typing are (Horrible)

  4. doc90ful Says:

    @Vi3tKid420 said it bro !!!!!

  5. darkotis666 Says:

    segundo 0:22 que movimiento sexi de la modelo….. mmmm se ve bien mamita……

  6. sashagrad321 Says:

    Nope, not seen any sexy ladies – what do you class a sexy anyways?

  7. RenadTreeInElgana Says:


  8. toocute51 Says:

    @RenadTreeInElgana Just like your spelling.

  9. RenadTreeInElgana Says:

    I didn’t find one sexy lady in the video
    shaggy your taste in women is horriable

  10. MCGeest Says:

    I agree with some of them (ads especially, ads before a trailer is just insane). But why would I mind vevo?

  11. Ryneishness Says:

    Why is that guy sitting outside? I would definitely be inside!

  12. trelogauraki16 Says:

    @angerock49 …

  13. xRp2H Says:

    Fuck Vevo!

  14. TheElietto Says:

    @hellandtyler I already do, unlike you where all you do in your life is reply to comments that aren’t aimed at you or related to you.

  15. angerock49 Says:

    @trelogauraki16 Duuuuuuuuuh !!!!! Of course we do ! Stop spamming on every old video !

  16. hellandtyler Says:

    @TheElietto wow really fuck u
    and get a life

  17. TheElietto Says:

    @hellandtyler You’re a douche and a half!! Get off the internet and cut off the cables.

  18. trelogauraki16 Says:

    @georgiokg τα λεω…τα λεω 😀 😀 😀

  19. georgiokg Says:

    @trelogauraki16 pes ta re olumpiakara! 🙂

  20. georgiokg Says:

    @gramix28 ladies* but nvm..

  21. hellandtyler Says:

    @TheElietto so not cool thumbs up if agreed not the song the she’s a man comment

  22. hellandtyler Says:

    @TheElietto so not cool thumbs up if agreed not the song the she’s a man comment

  23. TheElietto Says:

    She’s the Man

  24. freesites1 Says:

    I enjoyed Your short Movie

  25. trelogauraki16 Says:

    @RevivingPhilosopher αα..εε..εντα3ει δν ισχυει για ολη τν ελληνικη μουσικη ομως…υπαρχουν και σκουπιδια..υπαρχουν ομως και ωραια ελληνικα τραγουδια..γουστα ειναι αυτα 🙂

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