Shaggy -Hey Sexy Lady

Shaggy Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Shaggy -Hey Sexy Lady”

  1. rishi4392 Says:

    a big tune…..

  2. AfricanPubes69 Says:


  3. isalabella100 Says:

    no hay nada como la vieja musica ahora no saben escuchar buenos temas ahora si no habla de que las mujeres son unas perr…… no les gusta! valoren ce

  4. youngfangazayouth Says:







  5. vickyvick00 Says:

    S E X Y

  6. ErwinBass Says:

    240p we meet again.

  7. davidfreddy100 Says:

    Type “Ranj-They Say”! He has an AWESOME VOICE!

  8. Monoksbones Says:

    When you hear this song you cant help flaunting it!!!

  9. jahGUIDEme100 Says:

    BAP BAP BAP… PUUULLLLLLL UHP.. repeat button on FIRE

  10. airTTies Says:

    Shaggy ölmüş diyorlar

  11. Dancefloorbabydoll Says:

    bahahahahah! memories! xD

  12. xxRenate Says:

    This is what you call sexy! Not those girls almost stripping in those Hiphopvideos…Tribute to all the sexy ladies!!

  13. thecrazylivia Says:

    2012 and its still sexy shaggy popping my ear drums!

  14. 108selena Says:

    kangaroo jack

  15. 35TurkiyeM1 Says:

    anasını sktimi arada niye öyle ses çıktı altıma zıçiydim

  16. godretahres Says:

    @alidenizcicek zuhahahahaa 😀

  17. alidenizcicek Says:

    öldün mü yaşıyon mu amk

  18. estebaCAS Says:


  19. hss371 Says:

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  20. MrRaffinery Says:

    Im listening this on 2012…

  21. goditek94 Says:

    2:00 – 2:27 WTF???

  22. Prezz05 Says:

    @goodboots67 you act like he made it.. 😛

  23. eelamzbabyboi Says:

    never get’s old

  24. erinhomerxx Says:

    she’s the man 😉

  25. MrAlceros999 Says:

    73 Dislike Justin Bieber