Shaggy Hope ft Prince Mydas

Shaggy Video clip Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “Shaggy Hope ft Prince Mydas”

  1. Pillarhugger Says:

    So whats going on in this vid..

    Holy mother of gods!

  2. TheHippie00 Says:

    that awckward moment when you notice someone is dancing behind you

  3. PR4N4B Says:

    Brilliant Lyrics with a great melody !
    I love i t !

  4. MrTemptational Says:

    Hope is what keeps us all going.

  5. mafiaeae Says:

    Stiil Watching & Remembering this Song

  6. alphab1 Says:

    when i first heard it back when it came out, i was like WOW so inspirational! love it! this was on the “For Love of the Game” soundtrack album

  7. platinumtank892 Says:

    The guys in Wall Street reallyknow the meaning of the word; ‘HOPE’!!

  8. paulista707 Says:


  9. cr0niklord Says:

    loving the song .. ihts so cool .. i totally own this 😛

  10. JoJoFlowerFish Says:

    Ive got this on CD - my most fav song ever. First time ive seen the vid tho, Shaggy looks lovely!!!!

  11. seanval0770 Says:

    I tried to sing the song to get everyone to start dancing but I just ended up looking like a retard. America needs to hear this song more so I can do it!

  12. patriotpagan Says:

    great tune!!!

  13. MrMahirox Says:

    ONLY 249 likes……guys y do u ignore awesome songs

  14. agminty Says:

    @dwl693 I remember this from his hots shots album. A great song.

  15. ChubbyBunny90210 Says:

    1:54 – 1:55
    Hahaha Iove how he only noticed then… Haha the little old lady did well 😉

  16. jamaicangirl2100 Says:

    Mi love Shaggy always and forever.

  17. lilbrat5006 Says:

    love love love! Shaggy will never get old! 🙂

  18. TheLynne590 Says:

    fantastic song, forgot just how good it was

  19. monswardazmondo Says:

    still sounds as good as always, years later. shaggy what a guy.

  20. starburst62595 Says:

    This song has helped me through some sad times … It always picks me up and get me back on the right path.

  21. monty2986 Says:

    @KaenkiBean excelente qe recuerdos me trae este tema y en si este album como kiesiera regresar el tiempo

  22. jessibabyy95 Says:

    I used to listen to this song every day while I drove with my mom and sister to school when I was little. I loved it and I still do 🙂

  23. Kesc777 Says:

    Good song, quality has space for improvement.

  24. XOniMajoraX Says:

    Part of the soundtrack to my childhood!

  25. ShonKD Says:

    reminds me of the 90s