shaggy – hope (inspirational)

Shaggy Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “shaggy – hope (inspirational)”

  1. themanofmovies Says:

    NP glad u liked it

  2. soapbox187 Says:

    thank you mate, this really made my day :0)
    cheers from Canada

  3. musictoliveby08 Says:

    wonderful encouragement! nice selection of quotes – thank you! be blessed ;D

  4. DJMarz81 Says:

    I dislike,I wonder who that is…I wish them good luck in life.

  5. thegeniusish Says:

    made my day 🙂

  6. DebraHanover Says:


  7. amiecuster Says:

    old school, but still good 🙂

  8. tambiegurl Says:

    this song is amazing

  9. 100Tatanisha Says:

    same here

  10. tinkerbell716 Says:

    Thank you so much for this. <3 I feel happier now, I believe in myself and my dreams more. 🙂

  11. berg12205 Says:

    I love This SONG,I HAVE from the vey 1st time i heard it D>B>

  12. TheSabrina0302 Says:

    Love this!!!!

  13. themanofmovies Says:

    Np glad you like it

  14. brickhouse1981 Says:

    great job! thanks for posting!

  15. themanofmovies Says:

    np glad to have helped

  16. xwushuforlifex Says:

    thanks i needed that

  17. themanofmovies Says:

    ty man 😛

  18. darrick39 Says:

    I like your quote at the end!!

  19. themanofmovies Says:

    i guess you could say that

  20. Purnima Thaker Dhorajiwala Says:

    wonderful…we all live on hopes…don’t we….?

  21. Caryn Elizabeth Says:

    I love all the quotes.. where do you get them? My facebook friend Scott Allan posted this video on his facebook.. i really enjoyed it.. come see what I’m doing on my channel. Id enjoy connecting. I have to get more fun and lighter stuff on it.. My stuff is pretty deep and “freeing” but kind of more serious! lol oh well!

  22. BeatzBreaker Says:

    remarkable…but its not with lyrics is it : no offence x

  23. themanofmovies Says:

    glad you liked it 😛

  24. silveradotoomuch Says: