shaggy it wasn me live

Shaggy Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “shaggy it wasn me live”

  1. modelingrocks23 Says:

    Awsommee songg

  2. MegaNaziman Says:

    The person who said he punches his self in the dick is stupid

  3. digaolot Says:

    Shaggy é rei!

  4. chadheroman Says:

    Catharine Zena Jones playing violin at 2:44

  5. mmulla12 Says:

    I like the part where he punches himself in the wiener

  6. Drunkenmonkey3230 Says:

    I remember this song when I was like 4 or 5 bt its still a good song

  7. erikab2121 Says:

    I sware it wasn’t me ;P

  8. TheSSMidnight Says:

    @pwnusobadly1 he does say “Butt Naked”

  9. tristingomez Says:

    Hell no, its fucking gay!

  10. HansHase1337 Says:

    One of the best song ever!!!!!!!!!

  11. IlyasBouiz Says:

    JUST A M A Z I N G

  12. editxteam Says:

    shaggy best ever ever ever

  13. PwnUsoBadly1 Says:

    Thumbs up if everytime you heard this song you though they said “Butt Naked” ;D

  14. arlin740 Says:

    Thumbs up if ur listening to this in 2011

  15. nick92691 Says:

    pause at 2:00

  16. nick92691 Says:


  17. ligerish Says:

    Greatest song, EVER!!!!!

  18. twiggykills10 Says:

    The drummer has no passion:l

  19. MBtopdog Says:

    shaggy backed by andré rieu => sweeeeeeeeeeyyyyt!

  20. LittleSweety Says:

    This song was 10 years ago no.4 in the world charts #shaggy #ricardo #rik #rok #ducent

  21. SuperCoolio96 Says:

    Littlesweety quit posting that comment on every shaggy vid I think we all get the message thanx

  22. LittleSweety Says:

    This song was 10 years ago no.2 in the world charts #shaggy #ricardo #rik #rok #ducent

  23. nckey42 Says:

    Geez, how fucked up is it that a song can be as popular as that was, and be about getting caught by your wife banging someone in her own home… Evil lives

  24. LittleSweety Says:

    This song was 10 years ago no.1 in the world charts #shaggy #ricardo #rik #rok #ducent

  25. trich123456789 Says:

    Littlesweety quit freakin posting that