Shaggy – Mr. Bombastic

Shaggy Video clip Rating: four / 5

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29 Responses to “Shaggy – Mr. Bombastic”

  1. JustAnotherGuy186 Says:

    Its Rupert from Family Guy (as stewie see’s him).

  2. exsttrikercs Says:

    @bugalooshrimp92 me to:>

  3. hazarincesu Says:

    it’s pedobear!

  4. 661Sunshine Says:

    @iOwnUrMoMi is pot legal in the future?

  5. im4u2ny Says:

    This man with a hairy face is SCARY! :O

  6. baeschtu21 Says:

    mister bombastic, titten aus plastik, schwanz aus leder, ficken kann jeder! xD

  7. SuperWalter29 Says:

    hehe mr. bean’s holiday that’s where i got it from 😀

  8. 48arabi Says:

    mr.bored, suck song

  9. IeBronJames Says:

    Thumbs up if EdBassMaster brought you here

  10. bugalooshrimp92 Says:

    @Rainhylda im actually a girl….surprise!

  11. Rainhylda Says:

    @12345fuable GoRemy dancing to this would make my day. 😀

  12. Rainhylda Says:

    @bugalooshrimp92 …. you’re my my bro, are you? Sounds like something he’d do….

  13. pprexhop Says:

    this song is crazy XD!!!

  14. SooBeautyFull Says:

    This is an animation made in hell… WHAT THE FREAK IS THAT? haha! Yup, gonna have nightmares…

  15. NoBrain94 Says:

    1:20 boom boom boom boom boom boombastic

  16. 17Dat Says:

    A fairly muscular human-animal hybrid dancing to bombastic with the appearance of tht of a bear?

  17. ZiOoCo Says:


  18. avefenixmas Says:

    big cheese xDDD

  19. HH753 Says:

    Shaggy + this weird thing, may be the most scary thing I’ve ever seen on Youtube.

  20. abhiginimav Says:

    @TheSmackerlacker im sober. i totally agree.

  21. TheSmackerlacker Says:

    I’m slightly drunk, so maybe my perception is faulty but…. this video is fucking weird, right?

  22. 12345fuable Says:

    a pakistani dancing to this will make my fucking day :’)

  23. DejvdronTron Says:

    omg what is behind that idiot lol omg: DDDDDD

  24. MrSoloswagg05 Says:


  25. Johann22121997 Says:

    sometimes wo all look like this guy!!

  26. Jones Music Says:

    Isn’t that funny… not

  27. Digi Music Says:

    I love digital music

  28. Good Music Blog Says:

    Music makes the world go around.

  29. Celeb News Says:

    Great gossip!