Shaggy- Mr. Boombastic (lyrics)

Shaggy Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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  2. HiderFire82 Says:

    @TheOnlyAlabo damn! jajaja ok my bad

  3. 19goddy87 Says:

    love it!!
    greetings from germany

  4. TheOnlyAlabo Says:

    @HiderFire82 If you look in the description, they’re there. :U

  5. HiderFire82 Says:

    where the fuck are the lyrics??

  6. falco830 Says:

    Mr. Bean brought me here, and Justin is wayyyy worse.

  7. PianoPlayingDave69 Says:

    @imjustinsfavgurl lolllllllllll

  8. AliceMariaxD Says:

    I loove this song 😀 I loved this song since I was little even if this song is older than me. xD I was born a year later than this song was out. xD 😀
    Mr. Lova Lova mmmm 😀

  9. clemeth1 Says:

    thumbs up if you came here because of the movie of back at the barnyard.

  10. TheCtownbrown16 Says:

    edbassmaster brought me here lol

  11. Laurlalovely Says:

    @imjustinsfavgurl Trollin like a bawss!

  12. imjustinsfavgurl Says:

    sound not workin fuck i am pissed bt anyway justin bieber is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better man

  13. imjustinsfavgurl Says:

    sound not workin fuck

  14. siekiera135 Says:

    i nie ma chuja we wsi

  15. 30kissi Says:

    good song

  16. umagaisloser Says:

    @ttlyemo981 f your mom.

  17. MrYawawa Says:

    shaggy is great

  18. latinachika71 Says:

    This song reminds me of mr. bean haha

  19. 01422366540 Says:

    Lol always brings a smile to my face 🙂

  20. 803boxer Says:

    wahoooooooooo great song i like it

  21. TheBeerMonday Says:

    I Got this from mr.Bean

  22. 96loverofdisney Says:

    omg i love this song!!! its so funny and its got a cool beat;)

  23. alejandr005 Says:

    @ttlyemo981 wn rql

  24. daairsoftguy555 Says:

    the best! thumb up if you agre

  25. MrAnarchick Says:

    Ali-G =D