Shaggy – Oh Carolina

Shaggy Video clip Rating: four / 5

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32 Responses to “Shaggy – Oh Carolina”

  1. unclebully7913 Says:

    What the fuck is he saying?

  2. KellyMcKornelly Says:

    My name is Carolina….hehe ^_^ cool

  3. JiMbLiiMWeLsHy Says:


    I am goin to join u on that 1 😀

  4. dangerouslybored Says:

    Kiss ur hand 10 times

    Say ur crushes name 15 times

    Post to 2 other videos

    Look at ur hand

  5. FjordFairlane Says:


    Carolina, wine your body gal
    Make dem know say you have it fi mad dem

    Oh Carolina (Prowl off, jump an prance)
    Oh Carolina (Prowl off, jump an prance)
    Oh Carolina gal prowl off
    Gal yuh fi jump an prance (Prowl off, jump an prance)

    Carolina come bubble ‘pon me
    Oh watch how she groove
    Carolina come wine ‘pon me
    Oh watch how di gal groove

  6. randomelia Says:

    OH MY GOD this song is epic and brings back so many good memorys x x

  7. LUSCIOUSB25 Says:

    “body just a swing like mi grandfadda clock!! lol

  8. reuz34 Says:

    pretty nice carolina

  9. reuz34 Says:

    prtty nice carolina

  10. blueberrylove2 Says:

    drink lots n bang on this tune ha ha good times guaranteed 🙂

  11. bambi82able Says:

    @slentzz they were married

  12. iKaroliina Says:

    @Ted7864 It was my dad’s favourite song

  13. aloisiodeabreu Says:

    @JehanGrobler what about the “oh”

  14. Ted7864 Says:

    @iKaroliina probably because you were conceived while it was playing in the background

  15. TheGreekChannelYT Says:

    Very nice song!!!

  16. LnBguitars Says:

    good cover

  17. matt2026 Says:

    240p. Like a Boss.

  18. rocketfueller Says:

    Girl Ya’ll be jumping prawns 🙂

  19. MsCarolineStar Says:

    I love this song!

  20. slentzz Says:

    hey wat happens in de end???

  21. Sue868 Says:

    Sprawl off… jump and prance!

  22. goldengirl197 Says:

    fuckin love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. shoesan Says:

    @JehanGrobler LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. thesexybiatch11 Says:

    fuckin luv this tune brings bak memories

  25. charlie2g Says:

    Gal yuh fi jump an prance

  26. Spears Says:

    Love Britney!

  27. Gutterpups Music Says:

    I thought the Gutterpups did it better

  28. Popular Music Says:

    I wish I could sing like that

  29. Bulgarian Pop Idol Says:

    This song was on Music dol last night 🙂

  30. House Music Says:

    Whats the best type of music?

  31. ZoserMusic Says:

    We don’t need your money money money

  32. mobile stage Says: