Shaggy – Sugarcane (Official Audio with Lyrics)

Shaggy Video Ranking: four / 5

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23 Responses to “Shaggy – Sugarcane (Official Audio with Lyrics)”

  1. Seamus Hennessy Says:

    No, it definitely means penis. lol

  2. RONyuji1968 Says:

    SugarCane is Maryjane hahaha

  3. Seamus Hennessy Says:

    Saw this at the Rockhouse Foundation charity event. Front seats at that, it was amazing.

  4. SwaggGirl2012 Says:

    I love this song

  5. GwaanPlaant Says:

    WTF NO ! Sugarcane is di cock ! Di black mans dick ya know.. eeediots

  6. teima08 Says:

    lmao sugarcane? hahaha still love the song though LOL

  7. PrincessAlice0767 Says:

    in FIJI sugarcane SO RELEVANT! bahahahaha

  8. lere2001 Says:

    he`s talking about his penis when he says sugarcane :p

  9. burdog309 Says:

    i think you could’ve done much better than that.

  10. taffee23 Says:

    First time I heard this I loved it then I listened cloely and my jaw dropped….

  11. Blackopsmasterful2 Says:

    If yors are so u can have it so 😉

  12. prototaip Says:

    Oh c’mon it’s just the same lol

  13. Blackopsmasterful2 Says:

    I hope yours isn’t like “8====>” hahaha because mine is like 8====D instead.. :L

  14. ireallylovemycat1 Says:

    So is this song actually about a blowjob? lol

  15. gman20131 Says:


  16. prototaip Says:

    sugarcane stands for his 8====>…understood now?

  17. MrJrastah Says:

    fuckn rite she want ma

  18. OnlyUseMeAcog Says:

    Its says “sugar cane” then in the background hes saying “caanee”

  19. ambot08111 Says:

    the video makes me dizzy…
    haiiiist… it not that visual aided…

  20. Dario Silva Says:

    is hard to understand his english

  21. Lynne12198 Says:

    I always though he was talking about his dick? She likes the taste of MY sugar CANE? As in she likes to give him blow job? And sugar cane is white on the inside like cum… I’m just saying that’s how I interpreted this song. 

  22. 2sonfon Says:

    I think he says “Ma cane”

  23. lateesa1 Says:

    Lol yep!