Shaggy Taxi Wind-Up Phone Call

Shaggy Movie Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Shaggy Taxi Wind-Up Phone Call”

  1. Milestogo456 Says:

    OMG this made me my mum and my best friend laugh our heads off XD

  2. DareHDx Says:

    0:00 :)

  3. Kyle Shelley Says:

    you didnt make this… its chris moyles on bbc radio !

  4. luke rudge Says:


  5. zumba1310 Says:


  6. Sevencityrandomvids Says:

    watch what your saying i love kate price

  7. Sevencityrandomvids Says:

    hey watch what your saying i love Kate Price

  8. fionaandpatrick w Says:

    I used this to prank call my taxi service… they told me that I am ‘a half-whit’ -_-

  9. kkayinn7 Says:

    that miger reminds me from a migin kid from school!!!.

  10. kkayinn7 Says:


  11. LoveMrPirate Says:

    I dont know its a long journey aint it…typically british luv

  12. JLS4ever22 Says:

    OMG i remeber this too LOOOL

  13. megan spencer Says:

    one work ok two AWSOME VOICE (shaggy)

  14. ccilovegym Says:


  15. sam183796 Says:

    This is the first video I EVER favouirted

  16. donnymad22 Says:

    Have peed myself so funny xxx

  17. CastroMaoist1956 Says:

    I had this on my phone back in ’06!

  18. MrTnugent Says:

    The woman sounds exactly the same as the woman on the fonejacker mouse call

  19. Emie260 Says:

    Well the girl next door is abit of a minger, so tak her to chicago to film Jerry Springer XD

  20. billbob297 Says:


  21. trixiecutie101 Says:

    XD ;’]

  22. alicea7399 Says:

    Y didn’t u see scooby on ur journey??? Loool it’s funny 

  23. PamelaandAlexiss Says:

    omg i cant believe dis is a white guy lool!!!

  24. jack lupton Says:


  25. McGaMinGwHiTe Says:

    i so wana meet this guy