Shaggy – Taxi

Shaggy Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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32 Responses to “Shaggy – Taxi”

  1. E2oem1 Says:


  2. MRgeorgechapman Says:

    tht is fkin halerouis

  3. Kaysleigh123 Says:


  4. funkyfrog98 Says:

    lmao took me ages to find this love it XD

  5. mabzy2009 Says:

    Jon calshaw is a leg! his voice is bang on

  6. halotango3 Says:

    @JasmineTxx ohh alright

  7. JasmineTxx Says:

    @halotango3 – She says “you’ve lost the plot mate”

  8. halotango3 Says:

    At the end did she say, “oh you can go fk yourself mate.”????!!!?

  9. RaslandeRost Says:

    Love it =))))))))))))))!!!!

  10. xRheez Says:


  11. FuckThatFuckingLife Says:

    damn i love it 🙂

  12. POPDUDE1000 Says:

    wow fing amazing

  13. BasketBallzZ89 Says:

    its a very very long long way

  14. szymex1 Says:

    :))))))))))))))))) he is great

  15. TheDanniiLouiise Says:


  16. mreddoe Says:

    13 didn’t take a breath to tell where they wanted to go

  17. deathspostman Says:

    I feel sorry for the 13 people who didn’t like this…

  18. DevilboyScooby Says:

    Lol, woman sounds like Holly from REd Dwarf. Funny XD.

  19. ih8ronaldoX Says:


  20. Candyliz2003 Says:

    Why can’t US radio be as much fun as the Brits?!

  21. bodyguard87715 Says:

    do u mind mathew this george u know in doddington yeah so do i have it on my ipod touch


    ive got this on my phone

  23. Calvin8219 Says:

    the girl next door is a bit of a minger take her to chicago to see jerry springer

  24. MrDjangodom Says:


  25. NickallowBros Says:

    epic .

  26. Britney Says:

    Spars is awesome!

  27. Roxx Records Says:

    Roxx Records are all about the magic

  28. Gutterpups Music Says:

    This is cool

  29. Highly Favoured Says:

    She has a great pair of… lungs 🙂

  30. Music Idol Says:

    Love Music Idol

  31. House Says:

    Lolve it love it love it!

  32. Zoser Music Blog Says:

    Love th way you lie