Shaggy unveils his spiritual side

Reggae singer and rapper Shaggy is likely to be fostering his spiritual side nowadays. He has apparently completed the course for Art of Living at the foundation ashram, located in North America. He was not only happy but is also satisfied after completing the course.

After completing the course he has updated his Facebook profile that says: Shaggy has recently completed the course for Art of Living at the North Carolina foundation ashram. His fans might be shock after reading the page. He has completed the course with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

On the other hand, follower Rhea Pillai tweeted saying that we all should welcome him. She posted a picture of Shaggy and wrote that Shaggy met my guru Ravi Shankar after completing the course and so I like it.

Shaggy started his career in the year 1995 with his solo album Boombastic that created buzz all over. He was noted because of his baritone range of singing voice. He is also identified for his signature style rapping and his nickname has been given so because of his shaggy hair.

This year, he released his music video Smile and also he released “Summer in Kingston”. Shaggy also did some charity for a solo track called “World Citizen”. On 4th June, 2012 Shaggy launched their label termed as Ranch Entertainment at New York City.  Ranch Entertainment was joined by Red Fox and Ravyon. Ranch Entertainment is a New York based recording label company.


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