Shaggy vs. Rage Against The Machine – Killing Boombastic [DJ Zebra]

Shaggy Online video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Shaggy vs. Rage Against The Machine – Killing Boombastic [DJ Zebra]”

  1. KENOBl Says:

    wow fuck 

  2. nightlies1 Says:

    this is fucking godly dude !!!!!

  3. timeclock1885 Says:

    Fucking ay it works!

  4. SIwilliamj Says:

    should be called: “Bombastic in the name”

  5. fowmoufpunk Says:

    Is this is the RATM Karaoke track in the back? The sonics are really different. Even still, it sounds awesome here.

  6. GeekaliciousGurl Says:

    This is really a good mash-up! Nicely done!!

  7. ynotbemenow Says:

    ..This makes perfect sense. And it’s f***ing awesome.

  8. riizzek Says:

    Best Best Best….I love this song ;)))

  9. mightyteegar Says:


  10. aantho26 Says:


  11. laxz44 Says:


  12. LadyRiffic Says:

    I have tons of the Mash-Up albums, but this song BY FAR has taken the cake. The BEST mash-up out there in my opinion! And there are tons of good ones, but this one was as if they were meant to be together, and DJ Zebra made it happen. ROCK IT

  13. angemala Says:

    wow, this sounds extra funky with RATM!

  14. Jacjestifer4life Says:


  15. FunkyVagina Says:

    MORE RATM REMIX PLEAASE!!! this is great

  16. finalconsecration Says:

    At first I thought the mixing was off, then I realized I had the volume too low.

  17. Keaki479 Says:


  18. raidenallover Says:

    best thing ever

  19. NeptuneNetwork Says:


  20. Vivithewhite Says:

    Fuck me. DJ Zerbra. only just discovered you, you are 1 talented mother fucker.

  21. deaygo1 Says:

    wow the feeling when the guitar intro starts love it m/

  22. andrewmurphy6 Says:

    this is the song i play when im with my bro an my girl when were pre-gamin before a party…sickest seshes ever to this

  23. KillKenny09 Says:

    klasse alter

  24. ITUNESTER0408 Says:

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  25. PiinMeUp Says:

    Fuck yeah ! I just HAVE to make love on this one !!