Shaggy – Wild 2Nite ft. Olivia

Shaggy Video Rating: four / 5

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32 Responses to “Shaggy – Wild 2Nite ft. Olivia”

  1. titiso84 Says:

    the girl at @2:09 appears in Candy shop too

  2. iwashim Says:

    these girls are hella sexy…wateva happened to olivia

  3. iTzDrevv Says:

    @Echodu20 Monkeys!

  4. iTzDrevv Says:

    Sexy chicks.

  5. leemanovski Says:

    “samolotem samolotem, pomadzialama mamala deweloper”

  6. shufflededdication Says:

    That video of PSR-MY GIRL is AMAZING!!! :))

  7. litacool Says:

    @ComradeFlorian31 yeah i never said olivia isnt awesome or talked about her looks, read my reply properly ignorant ass

  8. Echodu20 Says:

    Look at the ppl in 3:22, thambs up if you got it :D!!

  9. Echodu20 Says:

    samloco samloco iodgjrhqjkqgqerhypoigtrj samloco 😀

  10. CrystalMurphyMusic Says:

    Hey, check out my cover of Action by Terror Fabulous! (Nadine Sutherland). Its one of the best reggae songs. If you find any great reggae songs on karaoke/instrumental, please let me know so I can sing it. Thanks! 🙂

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  11. misterdoublem Says:

    This is best song of Shaggy! I love this song and video.. Video is good and special! 🙂

  12. ComradeFlorian31 Says:

    @litacool bla bla Olivia is still awesome

  13. litacool Says:

    @ComradeFlorian31 skin colour has no boundaries when it comes to beauty, you can find a pale looking girl looking hella pretty than a lightskinned, fed up of ignorant fools like your self, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, i know some non ethnic guys who love dark skinned girls and such

  14. dudu88ish Says:

    why all the ladies are ugly :/

  15. FitDonkey Says:

    @ComradeFlorian31 Well Rihanna has a pretty face, Cheryl Cole, Katy Perry, Alesha Dixon, Alicia Keys, Beyonce is ok, Kelly Rowland is alright. I can’t think of any more ant the moment because they’re arent really many attractive celebrities.

  16. ComradeFlorian31 Says:

    @FitDonkey then who, may i ask, who among female stars, does in your opinion have a pretty face?

  17. FitDonkey Says:

    @ComradeFlorian31 an attractive person is attractive no matter their skin colour. Just because she is mixed race doesn’t mean she has an attractive face (which she doesn’t) admittedly she has a nice body but she doesn’t have a pretty face.

  18. ComradeFlorian31 Says:

    @ComradeFlorian31 hence her more East-African, almost Somalid appearance, despite the fact African Americans originally came from West Africa

    Yes, mixed race people tend to be much more beautiful:), deal with it, whoever you are

  19. ComradeFlorian31 Says:

    @FitDonkey part of the reason she is so attractive is the fact she is of mixed race (Black plus NativeAmerican, and some Native Americans can look very Caucasoid). Mixed race people tend to be more attractive than “pure” Blacks or “pure” Whites”

  20. FitDonkey Says:

    @ComradeFlorian31 give me your email address and i’ll send you some pictures then you’ll be fucking laughing.

  21. ComradeFlorian31 Says:

    @FitDonkey she is extremely and you are fucking jealous

  22. FitDonkey Says:

    @ComradeFlorian31 That woman is genuinely not attractive. Pink is fucking hideous and send you a picture?

  23. ComradeFlorian31 Says:

    @FitDonkey ok you must look like a lesbian then, hence your dislike of genuinely attractive women.

    Who do you like then- Pink?:)))))))))))))

  24. FitDonkey Says:

    @ComradeFlorian31 oh and another thing… Some men can wear make up wigs and dresses and look feminine. shes got a really un-feminine face, its not attractive.

  25. FitDonkey Says:

    @ComradeFlorian31 I’m not a homo I’m a woman. You must just like transexuals lol

  26. Kimberley Davis Says:

    OMG Kim Davis!

  27. Miley Says:

    Lols 🙂

  28. B Music Says:

    Plan B are immense

  29. Best ever concerts Says:

    Nothing like seeing them live though…

  30. True Blues Says:

    Heard this is a Jazz Blues club last week – amazing!

  31. Tangent Music Says:

    You should come and join our party, you’ll have fun..

  32. Fell Foot Music Says:

    Come and join us at the fellfoot music fest!