That Girl by Maxi Priest feat Shaggy

Shaggy Video Rating: 4 / 5

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33 Responses to “That Girl by Maxi Priest feat Shaggy”


    is who a tell maxi priest seh him cute???? kissteet

  2. AliPali1994 Says:

    Maxi priest is my p.e teachers cousin hahaaaaa

  3. hahmiss Says:

    every time i listen to this song i cant help but hum the song ‘fever’ at the back of ma head…..i just dont know why..

  4. CIASNIPER01 Says:

    oops i forgot my respect
    one love

  5. CIASNIPER01 Says:

    it did pre date myspace you go maxi
    love you for ever

  6. luckygal76 Says:

    @luvbig41 would have been funnier if you said myspace but okay

  7. MegaSarcastica Says:

    groovy! I like it!

  8. jamerjay184 Says:

    @luvbig41 I think I seen it on Beavis & Butthead too…

  9. annib00 Says:

    @NizzleHudsizzle LMAO! esp at 3:29 ish

  10. musiqtube1 Says:

    does anyone know how old Maxi Priest son Marvin is? he should be like 27 or 28 right?

  11. musiqtube1 Says:

    @NizzleHudsizzle right……………

  12. NizzleHudsizzle Says:

    Shaggy is Ginuwine on the weekends.

  13. NizzleHudsizzle Says:

    Shaggy sounds like Meatwad.

  14. dictator54 Says:


  15. DaQueenBionca Says:

    Maxi does those little vocal hiccup noises like Michael Jackson 🙂

  16. wkoffs Says:


  17. Super1ofmany Says:

    I was in jail when i first saw this video!!

  18. phatcatfereal Says:


  19. penbus492 Says:

    wow I was um 13-14 95-96 was the year High school. But this was a summer song I remember that. I can still remember swimming in the pool while this song was playing.

  20. flyby7a Says:

    Anyone knows where is Shaggy ???

    well aside from scooby doo

  21. omer008 Says:

    why is it that Shaggy always acts like a retard in every video but somehow it suits him. Nobody else could pull that off!

  22. MrBadabing1960 Says:

    20 people haven’t seen THAT GIRL

  23. NMachiela Says:

    only 535384 vieuws? wtf mann

  24. jordali1234 Says:

    needs to be a bit louder :/

  25. hotcherry83 Says:

    OMG this song brings back so many memories! I loved this song 🙂 Loved Shaggy

  26. I'm with the Band Says:

    Music rocks

  27. Andy Gunn Music Says:

    Andy Gunn rocks!

  28. Dylan Music Says:

    Where would I be without Bob Dylan

  29. Madonna Fan Says:

    I am in love with Madonna

  30. Tisdale Says:

    Ashley Tisdale makes High School Musical bearable!

  31. Lady Gaga Says:

    Is Lady gaga definitely a woman?

  32. No 1 Music Says:

    Number 1 FTW

  33. My Music Blog Says:

    Only good bands are allowed in my kingdom